Vídeos y audios

Word on the Street is an exciting new English Language teaching programme co-produced by the BBC and the British Council. Word on the Street looks at how English works in everyday life and presents lively aspects of young British culture. Each half hour episode is filmed in a different place in the UK and features drama, interviews and reports to help you improve your English language skills.

Topics: Christmas, Art, Indoor Sports, Flathunting, York, Halloween, Transport and Travel, Paris, Halloween, Animals, Northern Island, Shakespeare, Bestival, Big Meal, Loch Ness, Night Out, Blackpool, Transport and Travle, Oxfor, Notting Hill, Snowdown, Camden

UK Culture. Find out all about contemporary culture in the UK by listening to this series of podcasts. This material is recommended for intermediate and advanced learners. From 2 to 6 minutes.

Topics: Currency, Pedestrians, Climate and Geography , Banking , Language , Population and Demographics, Student Money, What’s a University Education Worth?, New words, Ethical Shopping, Manners, Creative Industries.

«How to» videos nos indican cómo decir cosas correctamente en muy distintas situaciones. Cada video dura alrrededor de 1 minuto. Hay un video nuevo cada mes. NIVEL ELEMENTAL

Títulos: 1How to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain / 2. How to turn down an invitation / 3. How to ask someone to repeat something / 4. How to order a round in a pub / 
5. How to greet someone you haven’t seen for ages / 6. How to understand the differences between British and American English / 7. How to ask someone where they got that / 8. How to pay a compliment / 9. How to tell if your boyfriend is a slob.

Big City Small World. In this audio soap set in London a group of young people from around the world share their lives over a cup of coffee. Every audio or episode lasts around 5 minutes. It includes activities to be done before and after listening together with some grammar and vocabulary to practice as well.

Elementary podcasts  Join Tess, Ravi and many others each episode. Ideal for learners without much English language experience. There are three series with podcasts that last from 15 to 30 minutes each NIVEL ELEMENTAL

I wanna talk about In this series of podcasts different people talk about things that interest them or interesting things they have done or seen. There are 12 podcasts. They are around 3 minutes long.

Titles: My son, My life in the UK, My two cats, Losing weight, Coventry City football team, Learning languages, Radiohead , Beating stress, Living on my own, Vinyl, My strange encounter with a wild pig, Horror films.

 Magazine A selection of recorded articles covering a wide range of topics of interest. They are suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. There are 130 articles. Each article lasts from 3 to 5 minutes. With activities before and after listening.

Some titles: Environmental Protest Groups , Student Power , Danger: bird bath! , Tobacco , Hallowe’en , Building bridges , Ten years without books , Collecting things , Mobile phones, Physics , Food , Gambling , Calendars , Great films that aren’t really about Canada , Weather.

La sección de Stories and poems  es una colección de historias y poemas escritos por escritores famosos como Shakespeare y Wordsworth. Duración: entre 2 y 10 minutos. INTERMEDIO y AVANZADO.

Títulos: A Serious Case , The cat that walked by himself , Banyan Tree , On Chloris being ill , Mr Smith’s new nose , I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud…, Eye Halve a Spelling Chequer…, English Lesson , Starshine and Non-being , The White Room, The Flatulence Tax, The Sick Child, Mountain Fable , Town & Country , Poetry as a Foreign Language, The Tay Bridge Disaster, Address to the Haggis, The Blind Boy, The Einstein and the Eddington , The Seven Ages of Man, To Autumn, No.

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